Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice

Libreria Acqua Alta, translated into Italian as ‘water tall bookcase’ is an incredible bookstore in the heart of Venice that is truly bursting with personality. Everywhere you look there are stacks upon stacks of books of every shape and size, fiction and non-fiction. As well as a vast amount of character, a large gondola sits in the center of the store that is also packed with what seems to be a slightly random selection of literature.

Whilst just walking into this store – which at first glance looks fairly small – it feels very homely, with three cats roaming about and sitting on the books themselves. But really, the main attraction are the stairs that have been created with books.


As seen in the picture above, old books have been stacked and compressed to give the impression of a staircase. This allows all visitors to look over onto the water, which twists through such a memorable city.




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