Where’d you go, Bernadette

To be blunt and simple, it is once again a book that is in an epistolary format which personally gives me an instant feel of dissatisfaction whilst reading.

I was aware of this before I bought the book, but something dragged me to the spot that it stood in Barnes & Noble. Four stars on Goodreads… given a couple of literary awards… and I saw it so often on my Instagram feed. So, what went wrong?

I was only interested in the book once the promised event on the blurb occurred, but it took a heck of a long time to reach that point – more than halfway through the story. It is understandable that the lead up gives you information on the characters and makes you develop feelings for them…. however this did not do it for me. Frankly, I was tempted to do something that really, I hate doing – skipping pages, skimming, until I found anything that even slightly interested me. Due to this mistake of taking years upon years before something notable happened, the effect of this predicament was not as strong as it would be if it had materialized at an earlier date.

Nonetheless, once said event occurred, the book improved profoundly, and I was riddled with a feeling that could be confused with glee. The large amount of character building that had happened in the pages before suddenly added to the overall story in a way in which an author very rarely does. Each character is developed in an extremely professional way.

Hopefully the film adaptation uses its time wisely with the story, unlike the novel itself.



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